The New York City Chapter is a vibrant, diverse community dedicated to helping people with hearing loss lead more satisfying and productive lives.


We are one of 150 chapters, state associations and state offices of the Hearing Loss Association of America


At the chapter’s monthly meetings, speakers address topics such as hearing health, assistive technology, interpersonal strategies, and advocacy initiatives.

Meetings provide the information and support we need to empower our community.


A Board of Directors establishes chapter goals and oversees programs, with ad hoc committees addressing specific interests.



Our annual NYC Walk4Hearing, the largest of the HLAA Walks, helps finance our mission at the national and local levels. In addition to supporting the CART and induction loops that make our chapter meetings accessible, the NYC Walk funds outreach presentations and local advocacy efforts.

Although membership is not required to attend chapter meetings and most events, we will be more effective advocates with your support.